Allal’s talks create an authentic transformative experience for his audience. Allal’s background in hypnotherapy and coaching provide him with a great understanding of human psychology and through various exercises, rich examples, storytelling and humour he is able to take the audience on a journey and as some participants say create a “magical” experience.


Some of Allal’s signature conferences include:

  • The power of vision
  • Master your emotions, master your life
  • Human leadership
  • Peak perfomance psychology
  • Peak performance strategy
  • Success cycle
  • Practical psychology
  • Time management
  • Effective listening


Custom Client Solutions

Just as your organization is unique, you often need unique solutions to training needs. Allal Bennani offers custom client solutions with highly relevant content and conferences pinpointed to your needs.

Would you like ALLAL BENNANI to speak at your event or organization?