Dear friend,

We all have the potential to be extraordinary!
Actually we all have been extraordinary some time in our life, don’t you think?

My passion is to support people to tap into that greatness they have within, and see them dare, grow, unleash their potential and become more as a man and as a woman.
What I continue to observe is that what is really preventing us from reaching our full potential and having an extraordinary life is also within: fear, ignorance, negative behavioural patterns, and limiting beliefs…

I believe there is some very basic and yet crucial knowledge about how we function as a human being that is neglected in the conventional education. Those aspects can truly have a significant impact and really transform anyone’s life: Health and Energy, Emotions and practical psychology, listening and communication…
Personal transformation simply begins with self-awareness.
My life mission is to raise awareness around those very basic aspects of life and share them openly, lovingly, passionately and playfuly with others so people can live to their full potential, have extraordinary lives and contribute to this world at an even higher level.

Wake up to who you are, wake up to life.


Allal is an active professional peak performance results coach and strategist with Tony Robbins Research International and has earned his Coaching Certification from Erickson College, Vancouver. He was trained and mentored by Tony Robbins, considered to be the father of the coaching industry. 

Allal Bennani is an expert in leadership psychology and cross-cultural leadership strengthen by more than 15 years of life experience across the world.

Allal was born and grew up in Morocco; after high school he moved to study and work abroad in such diverse cultures as France, Spain, Italy, Thailand and the USA. He is fluent in 6 languages and currently delivers conferences, trainings and coaching sessions in French, Spanish and English.

Allal Bennani has a successful track record gained over more than 10 years in both corporate and private coaching environment. As a former world brand Director of Inditex-ZARA, the largest fashion retail group in the world with over 6300 stores in 87 markets, he managed a team of more than 50 people from 22 different nationalities, helping them grow individually and optimize their capabilities. While at Zara, he worked very closely with suppliers from china, India, Vietnam, Indonesia and Portugal which allowed him to understand different cultures and thought him to adapt effectively in cross cultural environments.

Allal is also an entrepreneur and the co-founder of “Work Experience Maroc”, the CCUSA’s partner in Morocco, a company that gives each year the opportunity to a group of young Moroccan to travel to the USA for culture immersion and exchange through study programs and summer camp jobs.

Allal Bennani is a humanitarian and his leadership experience spans both profit organizations and non-profit organizations. As such, he was voted 3 years in a row President of the LEO-LIONS Club Tangier, a worldwide charity society devoted to social and international services. While, at the head of the LEO-LIONS club Tangier, Allal was awarded by the Lions club international with the “PRESIDENT 100%” prize for his actions and dedication to the Moroccan society as well as for his multiple involvements with the LIONS Club international conventions held in Italy, Japan, USA, France, and Lebanon.

Allal’s life has exposed him to cultural diversity and human adversity on a grand scale, and these experiences have given him a special awareness, appreciation, and understanding of life.

Allal is an extraordinary loving man, who loves god, people, nature and ideas that make a difference. He is passionate about bringing positive transformation into people’s lives.

Allal is an experimented trainer and a designer of learning experiences; he delivers conferences and trainings in many European countries as well as to the Middle East, Asia, USA and Africa.


“UNFORGETTABLE!” – Youssef Touimi

“A Rich experience in emotions that leaves you a very good taste; it makes you more aware of tools that are available for a happier life and to see the positive side of things. Gift the workshop to yourself, after the experience you’ll thank yourself.”  


“As for me I found the workshop just Whaouw !!!! If I had to give a mental response I would say: fun, informative, simple, easy to access, convenient, enjoyable. I took great pleasure to find myself in my child’s condition with the paradox of awareness (which belongs more to adult). Moreover, if I had to… more


“Fabulous human experience, brimming with positive energy. Thank you for opening my eyes to the fact that I am the main actor of my happiness, and therefore of my family.”


“My experience has been revitalizing, it removed me from within and has laid the foundations for a more fulfilling life. To a person who does not know whether to attend or not I would say “Aren’t you curious to know how you can transform your life in 12 hours? To make it short, the course… more

“WONDERFUL!” – Hassan Amor

“I simply loved the experience; A superb opportunity for exchanges and meetings. A wonderful coach Bennani Allal who shared pratical tools to better manage our emotional state through the body, focus and language. Now I know that everything I need is within me now and I have to push myself and tap into my resources… more

“MAGIC!” – Fatim Zohra Touimi

“The workshop in one word: Magic This workshop allowed me to open my eyes and realize that our emotions belong to us, happiness is here and it’s up to me to seize it and savour it. Thank you very much for your generosity Allal.”

“MAGIC!” – Hnia Del-Lero

“It’s pretty difficult to summarize the experience in few lines because even though it was such a short time, they have been many moments, sensations, discoveries, emotions, memories, reactions, feelings, dreams, surprises, imagination, meetings … But if I I had to choose one word, I would only say … MAGIC …”

“POWERFUL!” – Dawya Sadani

“Powerful, understandable, applicable … It works! I woke up after the workshop ready to start a new life! Allal is a wonderful vehicle for the transmission of this beautiful energy; I strongly recommend the workshop for everyone, from 7 to 77! Looking forward to the next!”

“RELOADED WITH LIFE!” – Hamza Bennani

“An unforgettable weekend, surrounded by exceptional people! Reloaded with life!”

“GREAT WEEKEND!” – Selma Sebti

“Great weekend with a great energy! The seminar provided us with concrete and clear keys to improve our well-being in everyday life. Congratulations all and for Allal thank you for your smile, respect and good humor Can’t wait to attend the next workshop.”

“DAZZLING!” – Maria Akalay

“What an experience this last weekend, my God! What energy in this beautiful place and what a shared happiness! All this desire to grow and be a better person every day for yourself and for those around you! This experience left me all warm hearted, joyful and happy. I feel more optimistic than ever. […]… more

“WELLBEING!” – Ilham Skalli

“I made Impressive discoveries! Try to let your pain aside, go to the workshop, listen and just let yourself go. You will be happier leaving from the seminar! The workshop in a word: Wellbeing. “